Nice Air


We have been teaching how to fly the airplane in San Francisco Bay area since 1983. The students are from San Jose, San Francisco and from all over the world. They became a pilot and flying as an airline pilot all over the world.

Nice Air is FAA Certified Flight School under Part 141. The Flight School Certificate allows us to accept the international students. We provide both 141 and 61 training.

We also have Part 145 Repair Station Certificate to keep our airplane safe and airworthy condition all the time. Our mechanics are doing all the maintenance and the inspections in our main hanger.

Nice Air

Here's some good things:

  • No Membership Fee!
  • No monthly Fee!
  • Pay As You Go

We also provides:

  • Fuel service
  • Tie-Down spot
  • PSI Computer Test
  • TSA Fingerprint Center

Please call us on (408)729-3383 to join or email us for an appointment!